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Kairali Group

Blessed with a legacy of expertise emanating from such renowned physicians as the late Dr. Sankunny Vaidiar (grandfather  of  Mr.  K.  V.  Ramesh)  and the  Dr.  K.  S. Vasudevan (father of Mr. K. V. Ramesh), Kairali Group was established on a solid ground of Ayurveda research.

Since its inception, Kairali has built on the achievements of its forefathers, developing its product infrastructure to make a diverse range of Ayurvedic products available to a multi-national audience.

Healing Village

The Ayurvedic Healing Village provides a refuge of complete stillness, in which to focus entirely on a wellbeing retreat experience. A full range of traditional treatments is available at the resort, and nothing pleases us more than seeing guests solve chronic health problems after just a few weeks guidance from our world-class Ayurvedic team.

Kairali offers personalised treatments and numerous detoxification programmes oriented around specific health aims, such as stress relief, arthritis, migraine, post pregnancy care, beauty and weight loss. Our course of Panchakarma, the essential Ayurvedic detox, is second to none in its quality, surroundings and delivery. We also ensure that our clients have the opportunity to educate

Ayurvedic Products

With four generations of expertise to guide and bank on Kairali Group offers the world the most authentic herbal treatments and Ayurvedic medicines that are createdusing complete natural and organic ingredients. State- of –art modern equipment’s, professional and up-to-date manufacturing units and the highest

standards of quality control allow us to give our retail customers, partners and distributors the most effective and genuine therapeutic medicine. Best used under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor or health professional, these traditional remedies stand the test of time in healing a range of common and everyday health

Treatment Centres

Our Treatment Centres are the backbone and the pillars of strength of the company since the very beginning. They represent the model of health care and therapy excellence on which our Kerala retreat centre and the other nine international Spa Franchises were later

founded. They remain to the present day as the sanctuaries of holistic health, healing, therapy and lifestyle education in all the major cities throughout India.

Ayurveda Training

Kairali Group offers affordable, comprehensive and top- class training courses in the theory and practice of Ayurveda at their award-winning centre of wellbeing, The Ayurvedic Healing Village. The Healing Village is a serene retreat in Kerala, set among fifty acres of organic Ayurvedic farmland in the sweet scented

jungle of Palakkad. Here you can gain acomprehensive knowledge in Ayurveda and Panchakarma that includes extensive theory, practical, Ayurvedic massage workshops and the knowledge of cultivation and use of herbal medicine.

  • 109 Years of Experience
  • 20 Distributors Worldwide
  • 25 Centers Worldwide
  • 700 Staff & Growing
  • 300 Products & Expanding
  • 40 Awards & Accreditations
World Luxury Spa Awards 2017
Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing village won Luxury Ayurveda Spa
Regional Winner: South West Asia By World Luxury Spa Awards
22 Jul 2017 to 22 Oct 2017
Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village An Ayurvedic Health Retreat amid the picturesque environment of God’s Own Country.
Kairali Guru Discover yourself through Yoga & Meditation. A secret to Healthy & Happy state of being.
Kairali Ayurvedic Centre Cure your ailments through Ayurveda with No side effects, available at Kairali centres.
Kairali Products Wide array of Ayurvedic Proprietary & Classical products made from organic ingredients.